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Check-in Client Preferences


Check-In settings includes configuration options for Online Check-In and Self Check-In applications

Online Check-in Preferences

Grace Period: This setting is used to set up a grace period of a number of days that members are allowed to be past due on dues or add-on payments before they are flagged as "Problem Attendance" in Online Check-In and Self Check-In, and blocked access by API Check-In. Blank and zero values are considered as "no grace period is set". 


The built in past due logic accommodates holidays and weekends when billing may not occur, meaning that members are not considered past due on weekends and holidays when billing does not occur - members are not considered past due until payment has been attempted. A grace period does not need to be set to accommodate for this.  

Display API Check-Ins in Online Check-In: This option is available for check ins via select integrated door access systems to be real time displayed on the Online Check-In screen for staffed member check in to track members as they are entering the facility and alerting staff to member issues. 


Only check-ins that use ASF's API are real time displayed. Check-ins that use data cached by the door access system are not real time displayed.  


Self Check-in Preferences

ASF Self CheckIn Record Attendance: This toggle will indicate whether or not you want the Self Check-in app to record general attendance, as is done with Online Check-in.

ASF Self CheckIn Class First: This toggle will determine if members will check themselves into their classes first when using the Self Check-in app.


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