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Member Transaction History


In some cases, it may be more effective to view a specific member’s transaction history. This could be useful if a member needs to return an item they purchased. To access the Member Transaction history:

  1. Start by searching for the member in MyPOS as if you were starting a new transaction
  2. Instead of selecting the member, click the Book icon that appears on their name. This will direct you to the transaction history for that member


Here you will find a full list of transactions for this member. Selecting a transaction will expand it to view more details and have access to the same quick links for reprinting a receipt, voiding the transaction, or returning the items.

Also on this screen you will find information on the member’s account number, any additional card holders and their POS transactions, any active gift cards, and any amounts in the member’s pre-pay account


  1. The list can be filtered down depending on what you are looking for using the filter options to the left
    • First, you can filter either by Order or Items. Order lists each single transaction, while Items will display individual items within each transaction
    • Under Order, you can filter by the Sales Person, Cash Drawer, Payment Type, or Sort By Month
    • Under Items, you can filter by Item Name, Sort By Month, or Price Range



Viewing Cardholder Transactions, Gift Cards, and Pre-Pay Amounts

The Member Transaction History is also where you can access POS transactions attached to additional cardholders, gift card balances, and pre-pay amounts. These are all found in the top right section of the page


To view a cardholder’s transactions:

  1. Select Cardholders
  2. Select the cardholder you wish to view. This will display all transactions for that card holder


To view all gift cards on the account:

  1. Select Gift Cards. This will display a list of any gift cards on the account along with the number on the gift card and the remaining balance
  2. Click one of the gift cards to copy the gift card number. Then, it can be pasted in the corresponding field in a MyPOS transaction


Lastly, the member’s pre-pay amount will display at the end under Pre-Pay Amount


Voiding or Returning a Transaction

In some cases, you may need to void a transaction or return the items sold. This is best done through either the Facility Transaction History or the Member Transaction History.


To Void a transaction:

  1. Find the transaction in the transaction history, then select it to expand it
  2. In the top right, select the option that says Void.
  3. Lastly, you will need to confirm the Void. Click Confirm

Note: The Void option will only be visible until the end of the business day (11:59 PM) that transaction was processed. If you need to void a transaction after this deadline, please contact ASF Client Support at 1(800)527-6898. If a Void must be processed for ASF dues, you MUST call Client Support to process the Void


To return 1 or more items in a transaction:

  1. Find the transaction in the transaction history, then select it to expand it
  2. In the top right, select the option that says Return
  3. Select the items that are being returned. Know that only some items can be returned. For example, you won’t be able to run a return on member dues or PT sessions that were sold
  4. Click Begin Return Process. This will handle most of the work for you. The member and original salesperson will already be selected, but you will still need to select a cash drawer


  1. After selecting the cash drawer, the only thing you should have to do is click Pay. The item has already been added and set to the correct amount, including any discounts/overrides that were originally applied
  2. On the payment screen, you will only be able to select the same payment method that was originally used, and you won’t be able to change the Amount. Simply click Process Refund, then click Finalize Order.
  3. The returned order will appear in the transaction history as a Return with the original transaction’s Order ID


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