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Zero Availability


The Zero Availability report displays all members that have purchased sessions in the past and have no more sessions of that type available. This report should be used to review your members that have purchased sessions in the past in order to attempt to get them to purchase more sessions. To use this report:

  1. There are no selection or filtering options for this report, so simply select Submit. All entries will display in the list. 
  2. Optional: You can use the Group Data tab to change how the report is grouped. For more information on grouping reports, see the Reporting Basics.
  3. Optional: Lastly, you can export the data to an Excel spreadsheet by using the Export Data If you grouped the data, be sure to use the Export Group Data button instead


Use this list for a full outline of each column in this report:

  • Client: This is the club number that the member is a part of
  • Account: The member's account number
  • Sequence: The cardholders sequence number i.e. 1st cardholder, 2nd cardholder, etc.
  • First Name/Last Name: The name of the member
  • Phone: The member's phone number
  • Email Address: The member's email address
  • Last Purchased: The last time the member purchased any session items
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