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Offer Negotiation


Offer Negotiation is an optional function that will limit the price adjustment capabilities for memberships. This should be used to prevent your users from adjusting memberships outside of the bounds that you want.

To begin using Offer Negotiation, you must first turn on the Allow Negotiation permission in the Role/User Settings for the role(s) or user(s) needed.


It is important to note that the Manually Add Discount and the Manually Override Payments permissions will override the limitations placed by the negotiation settings. 

For example, a user with the Manually Add Discount and Allow Negotiation permissions turned on will NOT be limited when it comes to adjusting the payment amount for memberships.


Offer Builder Settings

Before you see any changes, offers must be set up for negotiation in Offer Builder. Navigate to the offer(s) you wish to be negotiable and select a payment term to begin editing. The negotiation option is found in the Details section of payment terms.


Min. Payment Amount: This is the minimum amount that must be charged for the membership. The price cannot be reduced below this amount during sign up.

Min. # of Payments: Term memberships only. This is the minimum number of payments that must be set during sign up. The number of payments cannot be reduced below this during sign up.



You should not set BOTH values to 0. You can set either field to 0 if needed, but you cannot have both fields as 0.


Adjust Contract Expiration Date

For Term contracts, users with the ability to negotiate offers will also have the ability to change the contract Expiration Date. This should be done in situations where you want to allow certain length-based offers to be credited by prior time spent under a different offer or program.


The expiration date can be changed using the Calendar icon located next to Expiration Date. This is found in the Summary section of Offer Builder.

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