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Revenue Analytics Dashboard


Revenue Analytics Overview

Our Revenue Analytics dashboard will provide you with a detailed view of your revenue and remits. These dashboards will allow you to review all revenue data through a selected date range and track all sources of income and deductions from ASF.

The revenue dashboards are organized into various categories, each of which will display different data based on what you need. This tab should be used to review your revenue sources. The remittance dashboards will display data related to your remits and should be used to review what you are receiving in remits after ASF additions, deductions, and fees.

The data for the dashboards is updated daily. On any given day, you can expect to see all transactions up to and including the previous day.

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The Revenue Analytics Dashboard will come with various filters that can be used to change the data viewed:

  • Club: Filter the reciprocal clubs that data is pulled from
  • Offer Code: Filter data based on membership
  • Revenue Source: Filter data by revenue source, such as add-ons, dues, or POS transactions
  • Revenue Visuals: Switch the data to be displayed between Gross Revenue and Net Revenue. The titles of each data set will update to reflect if you are viewing Gross or Net Revenue
  • Month: Filter data to a specific month instead of the most recent
  • Year: Filter data to a specific year instead of the most recent

Select your filters, then click Apply to apply them to the data. You can use the Reset Filters option to reset any applied filters.


Update Section


Revenue Tab


The Revenue Tab will display data related to your club revenue based on the location(s) you have access to or that were selected through filters. This includes gross revenue, ASF fees, refunds, etc. This tab should be used to review all revenue collected against fees taken by ASF. 


The top section focuses on displaying gross revenue and deductions from ASF processing fees. Here, you will find a collection of recorded totals along with graphical data.


  • Gross Revenue: The total revenue accrued across selected locations over the current month to date or selected month.
  • ASF Processing Fees: The total amount taken out of Gross Revenue in ASF’s processing fees
  • Refunds: The total amount in refunds that were submitted for the current month to date
  • Other Fees: Shows any additional fees taken out by ASF. These can include hardware fees, software fees, passthrough fees, Pass a Friend fees, and NWPIF fees. Any passthrough fees that were incurred during the period will appear on the report at month end or shortly after month end
  • Misc. Adjustments: Additional additions or deductions that occurred throughout the month. These could be, for example, cross club transactions or deductions related to door integrations
  • Net Club Revenue: Displays the total revenue collected after all fees and adjustments

Below this, you will find graphical representations of this data, displaying gross revenue to date by month, year, and day. These will also be separated out by club location.


  • Running Revenue to Date: Displays the total amount of revenue collected month to date for the month being viewed, the previous month, and the same month from the previous year
  • Revenue Year to Date: Displays the total amount of revenue collected year to date up to the month being viewed, including the running revenue for the previous year
  • Revenue by Day: Displays the total amount of revenue collected each day for the month being viewed

The next section will display gross revenue through different means, such as by location and payment method. Each set of data will come with a graph and the data spreadsheet used for the graph. Each spreadsheet can also be exported to a CSV/Excel file using the Options icon after clicking on the spreadsheet.



Revenue by Location

The Revenue by Location will display gross revenue separated out by each reciprocal location. These graphs are most useful to compare revenue across reciprocal clubs.



Revenue by Payment Method

The Revenue by Payment Method data set will display gross revenue separated out by payment methods used. This table is useful to review in what form you are receiving your revenue and should be reviewed often.



Revenue by Revenue Source

The Revenue by Revenue Source data set will provide data on where your revenue is coming from. This can be useful to determine how much revenue is coming from dues, add-ons, POS transactions, etc. 



Dues Revenue by Membership Type

The Dues Gross Revenue/Dues Net Revenue by Membership Type table will display your revenue sorted by your different memberships. This data set should be reviewed often as it will inform you on your most profitable memberships.



POS Revenue by Item Type

The POS Gross Revenue by Item Type table will display all revenue being earned through selling items from your various MyPOS Item Types. Use this data to review your main revenue sources from MyPOS.



Add On Revenue by Type

The Add On Revenue by Type table will display gross/net revenue collected from add-ons separated out by the add-on type. This table should be used to review the revenue you are collecting from your various add-ons.



Remittance Analytics Overview

The Remittance tab will display data associated with your remits. This tab should be used to keep up on how much you’ve collected in remits and when those remits are sent. 



The top section will show some remittance totals, such as the net club revenue and the amount collected by the club, along with a graph displaying remits by date for the current month along with your total remit so far for the month.


  • Prior Period - Remit This Period: The balance of what was collected in the prior month but was included in the remit of the selected month, combined with fees from the prior month that were billed in the selected month (e.g. Passthrough fees)
    • Pass through fees are always deducted from the first remit in the month
  • Net Club Revenue: The total of all amounts collected in the period
  • Collected by Club: The total amount that was collected by the club directly and will be excluded from the remit.
  • Gift Cards/Prepay: The total amount that was collected by the club in the form of Gift Cards or Prepay being used to purchase items. This amount will be excluded from remits as the original sale of the gift card (if applicable) was paid out
  • Collected - Remit Pending: This is the total amount of money that has been collected in the selected date range but has not yet been remitted
  • Total Remit: This is the total amount of the remit for the currently selected date range


Remit by Location

The Running Remit by Location and Total Remit by Location will display your remits separated by location. If you have only one location, these dashboards will only be displaying the data from your one location. These dashboards are most useful for comparing remit data across reciprocal locations



Remit Summary by Location

The Remit Summary by Location dashboard displays the same remit data by location, but also provides a breakdown of what the remit is made of:

  • Dues: The total amount in collections by the club minus any credits applied to members
  • Add Ons: The amount collected in add-ons. The total of this column and the 'POS' column is equal to the 'Additional Transactions'
  • POS: The amount collected through POS transactions. The total of this column and the 'Add Ons' column is equal to the 'Additional Transactions'
  • Net Revenue Collected by Club: This is the total of the first 3 columns (Dues, Add Ons, and POS)
  • Additions: Shows any additions added to the remit. This should match the 'Additions' shown in the Remit report
  • Deductions: Shows any deductions subtracted from the remit. This should match the 'Deductions' shown in the Remit report
  • FeesShows any deductions from ASF fees. This should match the 'Fees' shown in the Remit report
  • Remit Amt: Displays the total amount of the remit after all additions, deductions, and fees



Remits by Draft Date

This dashboard will display the total remit amount summarized by both the remit date and the draft date of payments associated with each remit. This allows you to view totals for each draft date that occurred in each remit for each of your locations.



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