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Online Check-in Desktop Application


Online Check-in can be accessed through an independent application that is installed on your computer. This is useful if you need to have Online Check-in running separately in the background as you use My Club Business.

The desktop application can be accessed by contacting your ASF Account Manager.


Desktop Application

Once you have the desktop application downloaded and installed, you can begin using it for Online Check-in. Note: If you are using a card reader, this should have already been setup by ASF Tech Support to work with the desktop application.

After installing, you will find an application icon on your computer desktop labeled My Club Business.



Double click the application to launch it and use your regular My Club Business login information to log in.



This application will essentially emulate the regular web version of My Club Business, meaning it will operate the exact same way as if you were using My Club Business regularly. 

After logging in, in order to use Online Check-in in the background, simply select the application from the My Apps page. Then, you can minimize the window and use My Club Business in a web browser for whatever else you need.



Application Controls

The MCB desktop application has a few additional controls that can be used:

  • Back: This will act like a browser back button if you need to return to the previous screen
  • Reload: Reloads the application. Very useful if you are noticing some screens not updating
  • Settings: Adjusts the port(s) used for any attached card readers. DO NOT CHANGE! This may cause issues with the application recording check ins through the card reader


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