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Navigating My Scheduler


My Scheduler is broken up into 4 main sections: Overview, CheckIn, Settings, and Browse



The Overview is one of the main sections you will be using during daily operations. In the Overview, you can view all scheduled events, and schedule new events.

Navigate the Overview using the directional arrows and the view switcher in the top left. This will allow you to switch between Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly views.



The Quick Calendar, located under the other Quick Tools on the left side, can be used to quickly navigate between different dates. Select the calendar, then select the date you wish to view.



The CheckIn view is designed to be used when checking in members. Use this article for more detailed information on the CheckIn view.




The Settings view is used to adjust the admin settings of My Scheduler, Hours of Operation and Holidays and Blackouts. 




The Browse view is where you will create and manage all Categories, Event Types, and Series. Use this article for more detailed information on setting up Categories, Event Types, and Series.


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