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Setup for your Branded ASF Mobile App


Onboarding & Account Manager Instructions

For steps on onboarding a new club to the branded mobile app, please refer to this help article


We are excited to announce that our new ASF Mobile App (powered by My PT Hub) is entering pilot for a select group of customers.  Once you have been notified by your account manager that you are eligible for the pilot, please use the steps below to create and register your developer accounts.  This setup process will allow your app to be completely branded to your club and allow members to find the app by searching for your club's name in the app store.

For a video walk-through that covers this process for both the Google Play store and the Apple App store, click here or watch the video below.



App Setup Checklists

Be sure to complete the steps below to start the setup process for your branded ASF Mobile App.  Each item is detailed further in their own sections:


App Branding Information

Clients will need to provide the following information in order for their app to be setup

  • App Name - This should be the club’s name
  • Club Logo (min. size: 1024px x 1024px)
  • Club Branding - A Primary color and a Secondary color. The Secondary color will be used as the background for the Club Logo.


Club Check-in

The branded My PT Hub app supports using both QR codes or barcodes for check-in. This option is set as part of the setup, and the setting you use will be dependent on your check-in procedure and hardware, though it is recommended to use QR codes for check-in.

Be sure to check with ASF staff if you are unsure of the hardware your club uses. You should also be sure to let your ASF account manager know which you plan to use so that the setting may be set properly.


Setting up a Google Developer Account

To add your branded ASF Mobile app to the Google Play store so that customers can download it, you must first create a Google Developer Account and pay a $25 fee, which is charged by Google.

You can view a video walkthrough of this process here. The final step outlined in the video is for My PT Hub Subscribers only. At this step, please send the gathered information and files to your ASF Account Manager via email as outlined in the steps below.


To setup a Google Developer account:

  1. Sign up to create a Google Developer Account via this link - Sign up here!
  2. Select organization.
  3. Enter a Developer name (this can be your business name or name of your app - this will be visible to customers, so consider the spelling, formatting, etc. of the name)
  4. Click Create or select payment profile
    - On the pop-up, select an existing profile or click to create new
    - If creating new payment profile, enter the required information on the pop-up window
  5. On Public developer profile, enter Developer email address (this is the contact email address of your developer account, not your login)
  6. Click Verify email address (if not a Google account, follow steps to complete)
    - Tick the Acknowledgement checkbox and click Next and move on to the next steps
  7. On About you page, enter information about your Google Play Console experience
    - Click Yes or No for the next question depending on your answer
    - Enter website URL
  8. On Apps page, specify how many apps you plan on publishing to Google Developer Account 
  9. For App categories, your custom app doesn’t include any of the options - select None of the above
  10. On How Google contacts you, enter the Contact name and Contact email address of the owner/holder of the developer account - best to be the owner of the business
    - Select your Preferred language and enter Contact phone number of account owner/holder
    - Select how you would like to verify the phone number and click Verify phone number option
    - Enter provided information to verify number and click Verify
    - Once successfully verified, click Next
  11. Tick in boxes to agree to terms and conditions - feel free to review these before accepting the terms
    - When ready, tick boxes and click Create account and pay
  12. You’ll be asked to complete your purchase - you’ll need provide a valid bank card if there’s not already one registered to your account
    - Once card has been added, click Buy button - payment will process
  13. Click Go to Play Console


Verifying Identity

  1. On Home page, click Complete verification
  2. On banner at top of page, click Get started
    - On verify identity pop-up window, it advises what you’ll need to provide to verify your identity (the requirements change depending on whether you are an “individual/sole trader” or a “business owner/organization”)
    - If ready to proceed with the process, tick box to agree to terms and conditions and click Start verification
  3. You can then enter the details requested which will include your address, photo ID and a document with your name and address
  4. This will then need to be verified by Google



Adding My PT Hub as an Admin

When adding My PT Hub as an admin to your developer account, you will need to decide if you want My PT Hub to have global or per-app access. It is recommended that My PT Hub be given Global access assuming this is the only app going onto this account.


To add My PT Hub as an admin:

  1. Head to the Google Play Console
  2. On the left-side navigation bar, click Users and permissions
  3. Select Invite new users in the top-right
  4. Enter in the Email address textbox
  5. For Access expiry, leave this blank
  6. Click the Account permissions (tab) option
  7. Tick the Admin (all permissions) box
  8. Click Invite user in the bottom-right corner
  9. Follow this same process once again for
  10. You will also need to invite another user, which is the email address from your JSON file which ends in Please follow the same process as you did for previous email address. 

NOTE: If no access expiration date is selected, My PT Hub will have ongoing access to the Google Play Console account, which is required for on-going support


Creating a Service Account and Generating an API Key

  1. Open the following Google document via this link - Google API - Getting Started
  2. Scroll down and find the “Use a service account” section - click on the hyperlinked Service Accounts text on step 1 (you will be redirected to the Google Cloud Platform).
  3. In the top-right corner, click CREATE PROJECT
    - Enter a Project name - this can be your business name or app name
    - For Billing account, select My billing account
    - Click CREATE
  4. Once the project has been created, click the Create Service Account button at the top page
  5. Provide a Service Account Name. This can be the business or app name. The Service Account ID will be automatically filled in with your Service Account Name
  6. Service Account Description is optional. Feel free to leave this section blank
  7. Click Create and Continue
  8. Click Select a role, then scroll through the list and choose Service Accounts > Service Account User. You can type in Service Account User in the top of the search to filter
  9. Click Done. This will take you back to the Service Accounts page
  10. Click the 3 dots under the Actions column, then Manage Keys
  11. Use the Add Key option, followed by Create new key
  12. Make sure JSON is selected as the Key Type and select Create
  13. You'll receive a pop-up advising that the private key has been saved to your computer - Click Close
  14. Make a note of the name of the JSON file downloaded to your computer. The file will most likely save under the Downloads section of your files
  15. Open your JSON file there will be a section that says 'Client_email', please keep hold of this as you will need this email address for later. The email should end in
  16. Compose an email - attach the JSON file and send to


Enable Developer API

  1. Click the following link - Google Developer console
  2. Click 'Enable'.



Setting up an Apple Developer Account

To add your branded ASF Mobile app to the Apple store so that customers can download it, you must first create an Apple Developer Account and pay a $99 annual publisher fee. The fee, charged by Apple, is paid yearly.


Signing Up as an Organization

Before signing up for an Apple Developer Account, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. First, you will need to create an Apple ID. You can skip this step if you already have an Apple ID. Click here to learn how to create an ID if you don’t have one. Remember, an Apple ID is NOT the same as creating an Apple Developer account
  2. Next, you must get a D-U-N-S Number. A D-U-N-S number is a unique numeric identifier assigned to a business by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) and is used by many businesses. You must get this number before enrolling in the Apple Developer Program. Click here to get a D-U-N-S number.


To setup your Organization with an Apple Developer Account:

  1. Go to the Apple Developer Program enrollment page. Then, click Start Your Enrollment
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password to log in
  3. Enter the verification code sent to your Apple ID email address when asked to verify your identity. Then click Continue
  4. Select Company/Organization from the Entity Type drop down list. Then click Continue
  5. Under Authority to Sign Legal Agreements, choose the appropriate button. The Your Work Email field will display once you select an option. Enter your club/business email address. For this, you MUST use a private domain name (e.g. You cannot use Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or any other similar providers.
  6. Enter the information for your organization under Organization Information.
    • Apple will call you to confirm your enrollment
    • Enter the business name as it appears in the D-U-N-S lookup in the Legal Entity Name field. 
    • Enter the D-U-N-S number assigned to the business in the D-U-N-S Number field
    • Enter the URL for your website in the Website field
    • Enter the phone number where Apple can contact you in the Headquarters Phone field
    • Leave the Tax ID/National ID field empty
  7. Enter the correct characters in the CAPTCHA. Then click Continue
    • If you receive an error message under the Legal Entity Name field, click update your D&B profile, then submit your business’ information to continue the process
  8. Review the information on the Summary for Review page. Select the This is the correct headquarters address for my organization checkbox. Then click Submit
  9. You’ll receive an email titled “Your program enrollment has been received.” Forward this to
  10. After Apple verifies your application and emails you a confirmation message, confirm and pay for your membership


Please note:

  • You MUST enroll as an organization in order for us to be able to set up your branded app.
  • If Apple updates the license agreement for the Apple Developer Program before your branded app is created, you must accept the agreement before your app is designed
  • When paying for your Apple Developer Program membership, review your purchase details, and select Automatic Renewal. If you do not select Automatic Renewal, set an annual reminder to renew your membership. Your app will be removed from the Apple App store within 24 hours of the membership expiring

Inviting ASF/My PT Hub to your App Store Account

Once you’ve joined the Apple Developer Program, you will need to invite My PT Hub to your Apple store account. You’ll need to ensure that you’re logged in as the Apple “Owner” account, which will be the case if you’ve just setup the account from new.

To do this:

  1. Go to the Apple Store Connect
  2. Lob in with your Apple Developer account information
  3. Click Users and Access on the App Store Connect home page
  4. Under People, click the Add button
  5. In the popup window, enter the following information and click Next:
    1. First Name: ASF
    2. Last Name: Apps
    3. Email:
  6. Select the Admin checkbox under Roles
  7. Select the Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles checkbox under Developer Resources
  8. Click Invite
  9. Repeat steps 4 - 8 for another user
    1. First Name: ASF 
    2. Last Name: Apps
    3. Email:
  10. Navigate to the Keys tab in Users and Access
  11. If no keys have been generated and a 'Request Access' button is available, click Request Access and follow the instructions from Apple.  If the request access button is not visible, no further action is required.

Once access has been granted, ASF will generate the API key that can be used to upload the app.


NOTE: We will handle the API key generation for the time being until a secure page has been built to allow ASF customers to upload the keys themselves.

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