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Navigating My Club Business


When first logging into My Club Business (MCB), you will be brought to the My Apps page. This is the default page you will come to each time you log in. From here, you can access every other aspect of MCB. 


On this page, you will find:

  • My Apps: All apps that are added to this club location that you have access to. Apps that are disabled for your club show in the Other Apps section. Select any app to access it.


  • Support: The Support tab contains information on how you can get help from ASF staff. This is where you will find contact information for Client and Tech Support.
  • Settings: These are your MCB settings. We won’t go into specifics here, but this is where you will find settings for almost every application, as well as some general MCB settings.
  • Reference: Reference is where you will find documentation on how to use MCB. Anything can be found here from FAQ’s to full articles that will teach you how to use MCB’s various applications. Be sure to spend some time reviewing the information here.
  • What's New: Here you will find information on updates to MCB. Every time ASF releases a new software update, this will provide information on the changes. This can also be used to access a full list of release notes.


  • Quick Member Search and Club Switcher: These quick options are sure to come in handy. The Quick Member Search (Members) will allow you to look up any member or prospect without the need to enter the Member Management application.
    The Club Switcher (your club number) will allow you to quickly hop between any of your reciprocal clubs, if you have any. This is permission based, so you may not have access to this feature depending on your permissions.


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