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Where and How to Find Resources


While using My Club Business, you will most likely encounter situations where you need a little help or a reminder of how to do something. Luckily, there are many built-in tools that you can access in order to receive the help you need.


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WalkMe Features

With the addition of WalkMe with My Club Business comes a few features that can help you find information and resources you need. 

WalkMe Help Menu

WalkMe will come with a built-in Help Menu that links to all walk-thru's and reference material that has been created with WalkMe. This should be used to access a guided walk-thru for something you are trying to do.


This menu should be one of your first stops when you are having trouble or have questions on how to do something. Clicking the ? icon will open the menu. From there, you can search using the search bar, or navigate through the menus to find what it is you need help with.

FAQ's Menu

This is similar to the Help Menu in that it will have additional links related to things you are trying to accomplish. 

This menu is going to provide links to many functions that are often requested of ASF Client Support. This should also be one of the first places you look when you have a question or are having difficulty with something in MCB.


Support Chat

If you need to speak with a Support agent from ASF, you can contact an agent through either email or phone (see below), or you can use the provided Chat Widget. This widget will appear both in My Club Business and here in the Help Center. Use this widget to send a message directly to an ASF Support agent.




The Support tab, found in the left section of the My Apps page, is where you can find information and links to ASF support staff. 



  • Contact ASF: Redirects you to the Owner Support page of ASF's main website where you can find phone numbers and email addresses for Client Support and Tech Support
  • Support After Hours: Use this option to submit a help ticket outside of ASF’s standard business hours
  • Email Client Support: This will start an email to ASF’s Client Support. Use this if you have issues related to your members, your remits, etc.
  • Email Tech Support: This will start an email to ASF’s Tech Support. Use this if you are having issues with your hardware or the ASF software.
  • SplashTop: An application that Tech Support may ask you to temporarily download. This will allow a Tech Support representative to remote connect to your computer in order to resolve certain issues.


What's New

What's New! is where you can find information on what's new with My Club Business. This will display the most recent set of release notes along with a link to all past release notes.

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