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Client Preferences Overview


Client Preferences contains many settings that will affect how various applications will work. This overview will briefly cover each section of the client preferences, but not go into detail on any one section. Be sure to review the articles for each section for more details.



The first and default section of Client Preferences is the Global tab. This tab will allow you to upload your club logo, adjust your My Club Business color schemes, and change the My Club Business theme.



My Scheduler

The My Scheduler tab has a few toggle settings for the My Scheduler application. Here you can change when members receive emails, commission settings, and Online Settings if you are using the Online Scheduler.



My Member Account - Mobile App

The My Member Account - Mobile App tab will contain settings and preferences for the ASF app. In settings, you can either set up a club logo to use in the header, or choose to use the club name. Preferences will allow you to determine if members should be able to change their image through the app.



Point of Sale

The Point of Sale tab will display settings and preferences for MyPOS, such as reason codes, cash drawer, and receipts. Reason Codes are used when discounting and overriding MyPOS items. The Cash Drawers tab is where cash drawers are added, renamed, and deactivated. The Receipt tab is used to set up some preset text that appears on your receipts. Preferences will house a few additional settings for MyPOS.




The Check-in client preferences provide a couple of settings that will adjust how members check in through the Online Check-in application.



Member Enrollment

Member Enrollment contains settings that modify the enrollment process. Preferences will contain settings for things such as adding a convenience fee and adjusting how member emails come into play. The Term Settings will determine how terms and conditions work for External Member Enrollment.




The Member section has many options that will adjust how Member Management works. Attributes is where you can create and edit member attributes. Preferences will house many additional settings that will change how member accounts work in Member Management. Cancellation and Freeze Reasons are where you can create preset reasons for cancelling and freezing member accounts. The Recurring Add-On Terms tab is used to adjust the terms and conditions used when recurring Add-ons are added to member accounts.


The Recurring Add-on Terms tab only appears if you are using the updated Add-ons in Member Management.




Media Library

The Media Library is where you can upload videos to be viewed by members in the Online Scheduler.


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