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Navigating Member Accounts


Member accounts are split into multiple different sections, such as Account and Billing. Each section will contain related functions. To navigate between sections, you can simply scroll down the page or select the specific section that you need from the icons on the left.


Header Bar

The bar at the top of the account page will house some useful, at-a-glance information:

  • Name: Along with the member's name, you will be able to see their home club location. This can be useful if you are viewing a member from a reciprocal club
  • Account ID: This is the member's account number. This will NOT display the member's alternate account number if there is one
  • Status: The member's current account status. This will display if the member is on a Statement account, whether it's open-ended or term, if the account is paid in full (PIF), or if the account has been returned.
  • If a returned account has been sent to a 3rd-party collections agency, that will be indicated here.
  • Alt Account: The members alternate account number, if they have one
  • Card Code: The offer code that is associated with the members current offer

Account Info

The Account Info section includes basic information about the account and about members on the account.


The Billing section will display many functions related to altering the billing on the account, such as cancelling, freezing, and changing payment information.

This is also where you can find and edit information on the members renewal.



The Transactions section is where you can find information on this account's transactions and add-ons.



The Attendance section is where you will find information on the member's attendance. You can also manually delete attendance records from here if needed.


Member Enrollment

The Member Enrollment section will be used to replace and/or renew the member's account. We'll go into more detail on these functions in a future course.



The Utilities section is where you can find various, small additional functions that will make changes to the members account, such as uploading a document or adjusting emergency contact information.



The Notes section will display notes for every account change made. This is where you can find records of changes made by you or your staff, as well as records of the member's contact with ASF Customer Service.



The Refunds section allows you to issue refund requests for certain payments made on the members account. Note that not all payments can be refunded this way.


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