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Cardholders in Member Management


Account cardholders are also managed through Member Management. Cardholders are accessed from the Cardholders tab found at the top of a member's account. Open Member Management, pull up a member account, and select the Cardholders tab from the top.



By default, you will find a list of all current cardholders on the account. Inactive cardholders will be greyed out. 


Adding New Cardholders

The Add tab can be used to add a new cardholder to this account. Note: This will NOT adjust the dues whatsoever. That will have to be done manually if required.


For each new cardholder, you will need to add the first and last name, gender, email, and birth date. You can also optionally add an Alt Account number for physical membership cards. Click Save after adding the information.


Editing Existing Cardholders

You can edit an existing cardholder by selecting them from the Cards tab and choosing Edit.


This adds a new section to Member Management specifically for the cardholder's profile information. This appears above the Account Info section. Here you will find the cardholder's profile, Member Attributes, and information on Sessions Per Payment if that is being used.


Select Remove Cardholder to stop editing the cardholder.



The Profile section found when editing a cardholder record will behave just as the profile section for the account (see this article for more information).

Select the window to expand it, then you can edit any of the information for the cardholder. Click Save after making any changes



  • Status is used to Activate/Deactivate the cardholder. This does the same as using the Deactivate function found below
  • Insurance Account # refers to insurance fitness programs, such as Silver Sneakers. If the cardholder participates in one of these programs, then their account number should be added here
  • Alt Account is the cardholders membership card number. If you are using physical membership cards, this value should be set to the cardholder's membership card number
  • Communication Preferences: At the bottom of the profile, you will find options for enabling/disabling text and email communication preferences for the cardholder. These can be used to manually opt the cardholder in/out of receiving marketing communications.
  • Users will only be able to opt cardholders in to receiving communications if they have the Can manually opt members in to text communication user permission enabled.
  • Force Sync will force the cardholder's information to be synced with Club OS. This will only display for clubs that are integrated with Club OS. If you are using the Member Client Preference Set minimum cardholder age to send to Club OS, this will sync the cardholder, regardless of this setting. This should be used to sync cardholders that were not originally synced due to being below the minimum cardholder age.


The Attributes section is used to view and manage the cardholder's member attributes. You can use the Edit button to change the values of the member attributes if needed.

mceclip1.png     mceclip2.png

Sessions Per Payment

The Sessions Per Payment section is used to view and manage the sessions that the cardholder receives when member dues are paid. These are sessions that are included with the cost of the membership. If sessions were added as part of signing up for the membership, those sessions will be visible here. Any expired session items will also be labeled as such.


Select the window to expand the section, allowing you to make changes to the cardholder's sessions. Sessions that are currently on the member's account and being added to the cardholder will appear in a list on the left. Available session items that can be added to the cardholder will appear on the right.


To add session items:

  1. Select the session item from the Available Session Buckets list on the right
  2. The item details will be copied from the item settings found on the item in Inventory Management, but they can be changed here if needed
  3. Select Add to add the new session item to the cardholder. The next time a dues payment is made for this account, this cardholder will receive the indicated sessions


To edit session items:

  1. Select the session item from the Current Session Buckets list on the left
  2. Make any necessary changes to the Quantity, Days to Expire, Start Date, and/or End Date. Use the Checkmark to save your changes, or the X to cancel


To remove session items:

  1. Select the session item from the Current Session Buckets list on the left
  2. Select Remove from the center of the window




Deactivating Cardholders

Cardholders can be deactivated by selecting the cardholder from the Cards tab and choosing Deactivate. Cardholders can also be reactivated in this way.



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