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Add-ons/Account Charges Screen


Part of Member Management includes the ability to add, edit, and remove add-ons and account charges (one-time add-on charge) to existing accounts. This process will be slightly different depending on if you are using the Legacy Add-ons/Account Charge screen or the updated version. Be sure to scroll to the section that applies to your club based on the version you are using.

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Add-ons/Account Charge

The Add-ons/Account Charge screen is found in the Transactions section of member accounts.



Selecting View will allow you to see all due/past due charges, as well as all current add-ons. The top section displays all due and past due charges, both one-time and add-ons. Here you will find charges along with their Due Date, the Payment amount, a Description, and more.

The bottom section shows all current recurring charges along with useful information for each, such as the Payment Amount, the # of Payments made to date, the Next Bill Date, and more. 


Adding a New Charge/Add-on

In order for a user to add a new add-on to a member's account, they must have the Add-On Entry/Delete/Credit user permission set to at least Entry Only.

To add a new add-on or account charge:

  1. Select Create from either the Transactions section of Member Management or from the View of the Add-ons/Account Charge section
  2. Choose the add-on/charge frequency
  3. Select the add-on from the Add On Description drop down. This will fill in some of the fields. Make any needed edits to any of the pre-populated fields
  4. If the add-on is recurring AND needs to rollover to open end once it expires, check the Rollover to Open-end option
  5. If the member has paid a down payment, record the amount in the Down Payment field
  6. Select the proper Cardholder and Salesperson using the respective fields
  7. Enter the payment information: select either an existing payment method or choose EFT/Credit Card to add new EFT/CC information
  8. Click Sign



Editing an Existing Add-on

To edit an existing add-on:

  1. Select View from the Add-ons/Account Charge section of Transactions in Member Management
  2. Click Details next to the add-on you need to edit
  3. Click Edit and make any changes to the editable fields
  4. Click Sign




Removing an Add-on

In order for any user to remove an add-on from a member's account, they must have the Add-On Entry/Delete/Credit permission set to All.

To remove an existing add-on from a member's account:

  1. Select View from the Add-ons/Account Charge section of Transactions in Member Management


  1. Select Delete to enter delete mode, then select each add-on/account charge to be deleted. Once the add-ons have been selected, click Delete Add-ons






Setting Future Cancellation Dates for Member Add-ons

Member add-ons can also be set to cancel at some time in the future. In Member Management, you will be able to set a specific date for the add-on to be cancelled instead of cancelling the add-on right away.  Just as with removing add-on normally, this feature will only be available to users with the Add-On Entry/Delete/Credit user permission set to All

To set a cancellation date for an add-on:

  1. Select View under the Add Ons/Account Charge window from the Transactions section of Member Management


  1. Select Details for the recurring add-on that you wish to cancel


  1. Select the date the add-on should be canceled from the Cancellation Date field. If this value is set to the current date, the add-on will NOT be cancelled immediately. Instead, the add-on will remain active until the end of the day, at which point it will then be cancelled
  2. Select Submit Cancellation when you are ready. Once the cancellation date is reached, the add-on will be removed from the member's account


The add-on will still be listed as Active until the cancellation date 


The pending cancellation will appear on the same screen when viewing a specific recurring add-on. The pending cancellation can be removed by using the Remove Cancellation button.


Association of Revenue to Clubs

By default, add-on revenue is always associated to the member's home club, regardless of whether the member signed up. There is an option to always have add-on revenue associated to the club where the member signed up instead. This changes where revenue is reported and where revenue is remitted. This option must be enabled by Client Support - please contact them to discuss and enable. Once this is enabled, when an add-on is added to a member's account, the page displays the "Club" field that displays to which club the add-on will be associated to for confirmation (this is the club that the user is currently logged into or switched into).

Note for Client Support: please use the "Reciprocal Add-On Revenue" indicator to enable this. 

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