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Signing Up Multiple Cardholders


In some cases, you may have a group of individuals signing up for one membership. This could be a family signing up on a family membership, for example. In these cases, you will want to use multiple cardholders in Member Enrollment, which allows you to add a number of additional cardholders to one membership/account.

To sign up multiple cardholders:

  1. Select the offer in Member Enrollment
  2. Select the Payment Term and additional offer items needed
  3. Fill in the Buyer information. This is the individual who is financially responsible for the membership
  4. Select 1 to fill in the first cardholder's information. The first cardholder can also be the Buyer, in which case use the Same as Buyer toggle
  5. For each additional cardholder after the first, use the button to add a new cardholder and fill in the information


Depending on the offer, there may be a limit to the number of additional cardholders that can be added to an offer, indicated by the max value.

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