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Starting a Workout


Whenever you go to work out, you can use the app to track your workout activity. Workout tracking allows you to use your pre-made workouts, or set up new ones from scratch as you are doing them.

To start tracking your workout, select Start a Workout from the Hub


Starting a Workout

There are a few options you will need to adjust when starting your workout:

  • Starting Workout Now? - By default, workouts will begin immediately. However, you can turn this option off to instead schedule the workout for a later time
  • Follow Workout Template? - By default, workouts will have you follow one of your workout templates (see Workouts). You can turn this option off to select exercises as you go
  • Available Workouts - If you are using one of your workouts, you will need to select it from the list here. Click Done once you've selected your workout

To begin your workout, click Start

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Workout Adjustments

While in your workout, you can adjust the exercises you are doing on the fly if needed:

  • Select any of the column headers to adjust the type of data. For example, change the Reps column to Time
  • Edit any of the values for each column and each set
  • Add new sets for each exercise using the Add Set buttons
  • Once a set is complete, select the checkbox next to the set to mark it as complete
  • Select the Options menu for any exercise to add a note, create a Super Set, swap the exercise, or remove the exercise from the workout
    • Super sets allow you to group together the exercises in your workout to form one, large grouped exercise

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Workout Tools

While you are in a workout, you will have access to a built-in Stopwatch tool that can be used to time yourself during your workout. Select the stopwatch icon from the bottom left of the app.


Set the time you need using the Minutes and Seconds menus, then select Start to start the timer.


While the time is counting down, you can use the Pause button to pause the timer.



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