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The Club Check-in section of the branded mobile app will be used as a membership card to check into your club by providing you with a unique QR code or barcode to scan


You will only be able to use the Check-in if your club has set up with the proper card reading equipment. Be sure to check with your club if you can use the QR code or barcode for check-in


To access the QR code:

  • From the Hub page, select Club Check-in
  • OR
  • Select Check-in from the app menu

mceclip1.png           mceclip2.png

Once on the Check-in page, you will find the QR code that needs to be scanned in order to check in. Additionally, there is a timer found in the bottom right corner. Once this timer runs out, the QR code will no longer be valid and you will need to reload the Check-in page to generate a new code

mceclip3.png          mceclip4.png


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