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The Workouts section of the branded mobile app is a useful tool that is used to setup and create your own workout templates complete with custom exercises. When recording your workouts using Start a Workout, you will be able to select the workouts you create here.

The Workouts section is found in the menu accessed from the Hub. In the main Workouts view, you will see your recently accessed workouts, if any exist.



Creating a Workout

To create a new workout to be used:

  1. Select Create Workout


  1. Give your new workout a name. You can also choose to use an existing workout as a template. This will copy the same exercises to the new workout. Once you have a name, click Create

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  1. Under the Exercises tab, you will need to add your exercises. Select Add Exercise


    • When adding an exercise, you can either search for a specific exercise, select an exercise by body part, choose from your recent or frequent exercises, or select a custom exercise you have created

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    • Select an exercise by check-marking the box next to the exercise. Once you've selected the the exercises for this workout, click Save
  1. Now that you have some exercises added to your workout, you can adjust the sets for each exercise. Each exercise will come with 1 default set. Add more sets by clicking the Add Set button.


    • For each exercise, you can customize the fields that come with each set. Simply select the column header to change the field.
    • For example, if you do not need a Weight value for a particular exercise, simply tap the Weight column and change the value. Then, be sure to go through each column and set the values you need for each set

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  1. Under the Details tab, you can adjust the workout's title, image, description, and notes, though these are all optional
  2. Once your exercises have been added, click Save Workout

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Once you have some workouts created, you will be able to select and log those workouts using the Start a Workout feature found on the Hub page. Check out this article for more information on starting a workout


Exercise Options

Each exercise comes with an options menu that will contain various function that you may need or find useful:

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  • View: Allows you to view the exercise. For the premade exercises, you may want to review this to find useful information on the type of exercise, the equipment needed, and the correct steps to do the exercise. Some exercises may even come with a demonstration video


  • Add Note: This will allow you to add a simple note to the exercise. This note can be anything that you need


  • Group Set: This feature allows you to group exercises together. Grouping exercises means those exercises will be done back to back in an alternating fashion


  • Re-order: Allows you to reorder the exercises in your workout
  • Delete: Allows you to delete the exercise from the workout
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