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Online Join All Offers (Members)


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Once you have created some member offers in Offer Builder with payment terms that are available through Online Join, new members may begin signing themselves up for memberships.

If your club is integrated with Club OS, then you should be using the Online Join Lead Capture workflow instead.


Accessing and Using the Online Join All Offers (Members) URL

As a best practice, you should have a button for new members to sign up available on your club website, such as a Sign Up Here or Join Now button. This button should link to the Online Join Member Offers page by using the URL specific to your facility.

The URL for your club can be accessed from the Offer Builder menu. Selecting Online Join All Offers Link (Members) from the menu will open the member offers page in a new browser tab. Then, simply copy and paste the URL in the location you need.


Signing Up Using Online Join (Members)

Once new members are able to access your Online Join page, they can begin signing themselves up for memberships. To do this:

  1. After accessing the Online Join link, new members will need to select the membership they would like to sign up for. These will be sorted by your Offer Groups and Payment Terms
    • Selecting an Offer Group will expand it and show each offer in its own column. Each column will hold all payment terms created for that offer that have been made available for Online Join


If you only have one offer group, then this step will be skipped and the member will be brought directly to the offer selection



  1. Next, the new member can select any optional add-ons, POS items, or Sessions Per Payment that are available. Required items will already be selected and cannot be deselected
  2. Once these have been selected, the new member will need to click Next (Member Information) to continue


  1. The next page will be used to enter the new member's full information including name, address, contact information, etc. Some of this information will already be filled in from the first step, so the member will only need to fill in the missing required information, then click Next (Review)


  1. The Review page should be used by the member to review the information they have entered and ensure everything is correct. If there are errors, the member should use the Back button to return to previous sections and make any needed changes. Otherwise, they can select Next (Payment) to continue


  1. On the payment screen, the member will need to fill in the information for the payment method(s) they wish to use. There will be separate sections for the Sign Up Payment (first month's dues, POS items, etc.) and the Recurring Payment, each of which can have different payment methods. Offers without a recurring payment, such as a Paid In Full membership, will have an option to add a payment method on file that can be used for future purchases
  2. Once the payment information has been added, the member will need to select Next (Sign and Complete). The next page will be for the member to review the contract and sign it as needed


Communications Opt-In

Additionally, members will be able to indicate if they wish to be contacted with text or email communication, and that they agree to your membership's Terms and Conditions. They can click the link for the terms and conditions to view the actual terms.


By check marking this box, member information will automatically be shared with Club OS if you are integrated, where it can be used to send marketing and service-related text and email communications. Members can opt themselves out of these communications by following the instructions found in the initial messages they receive after signing up.


Members that opt out of email communication will still receive emails sent through the Mass Member Email feature of Reports unless otherwise specified. For more information on member communication preferences, see this article.

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