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Sending Mass Member/Prospect Emails Using Reports


Reports come with the useful feature of being able to send a mass email to all member and/or prospect accounts that end up being pulled based on the search criteria entered for the report. This feature will come built in for all current reports, but may not be available for all Legacy reports.


Sending a Mass Email

To send a mass email:

  1. First, pull the data from the report that will be most relevant to the email you are sending. For example, use the All Accounts report with the Show Accounts option set to Past Due if you are sending an email to all past due accounts
  2. Once the data has populated, select Email Members
  3. Enter the Reply Name. This is the name members will see on the email they receive
  4. Enter the Reply To Address. This is the email address that any replies will be sent to. This should be an active email address you are using for your business
  5. Choose if the email will be sent to only Buyers pulled by the report or to both Buyers and cardholders
    • You can optionally choose to exclude all members that have opted out of email communications. This will prevent those members from receiving the email you send. This can be updated from the member's profile if needed (see this article for more information).
  1. Add a Subject for the email. You can optionally choose to include member account numbers in the email subject. Each email received will only have the recipient's account number
  2. Add the email message in the Message field
  3. Lastly, you can optionally include an attachment for all members who will receive the email

Once the email is set, click Send



Recipients List

After pulling data and selecting Email Members, you can select the Recipients List tab to view all email addresses that this email will be sent to.


Additionally, you can use the Copy (with Commas) and the Copy (with Semicolons) buttons to copy the list to your clipboard. You can then paste this list wherever it is needed, for example, in an email being sent from another email client

NOTE: You can also choose to exclude members from this list who have opted out of email communications. Those member's emails will not be copied


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