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Legacy Add-on/Account Charges Screen


Part of Member Management includes the ability to add, edit, and remove add-ons and account charges (one-time add-on charge) to existing accounts. This process will be slightly different depending on if you are using the Legacy Add-ons/Account Charge screen or the updated version. Be sure to view the article that applies to your club based on the version you are using.

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Legacy Add-ons/Account Charge

The Add-ons/Account Charge screen is found in the Transactions section of member accounts. Scroll down to this section and select the Add-ons/Account Charge tile to expand the window.


Account Charges

The first section is the Account Charges, which displays account charges that are currently due, past due, or already paid. Each listing will display information such as the Due Date, the Draft/Reject Date, and Payment. This list should be used to review any charges that are currently due or past due/rejected. If a member pays for charges in club, you can use the Credit Amount column to apply a credit to the charge.


Add Charge to this Account

The Add Charge to this Account section is used to manually add a new, one-time charge to the account. This charge can be set to apply immediately or at a later date.

Account charges are always going to be associated with a particular add-on. When submitting a new charge, enter the amount the member will pay, select the add-on from the Description drop down, and enter the charge date. 


Adding a new account charge does NOT add the add-on as a recurring charge.

When adding a new account charge, you will also need to enter either credit card or EFT information to be used to pay for the charge. If the member has CC/EFT information on file, will not need to enter any CC/EFT information.

Recurring Charges

The Recurring Charges section displays all recurring charges (a.k.a. Add-ons) that are currently on the account. Each add-on will include detailed information such as the Payment amount, the # of Payments paid to date, the Next Bill Date and more. Use this section to review all charges on a member's account and their status. 


Adding/Editing Add-ons

New charges can be added to an account using the Enter Update Recurring Charges button. This can also be used to make changes to existing add-ons. 

To add a new add-on:

  1. Select Enter Update Recurring Charges
  2. Select the add-on to be added from the drop down menu. This will autofill most of the fields
  3. Choose the payment method: either add new CC/EFT information or choose the Use Old Information option
  4. If needed, select the correct cardholder from the drop down menu. If the add-on needs to rollover to Open End after the expiration date, be sure to check off that option as well. This should be done for add-ons that are not already open ended.
  5. Make any necessary adjustments to the fields. If the add-on is a PIF (paid in full) add-on, be sure to fill in the PIF Amount and Expiration Date fields
  6. Click Submit


To edit an existing add-on, simply select the Edit option at the beginning, then choose the existing add-on from the drop down. This will load the add-ons current information, which can be changed in the fields below.


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